American Dreamer – Reach For The Sun

Indie folk aficionados, American Dreamer, released a two-song (and change) EP in January 2017, Signal Sessions, which is a punctuation mark to the group’s October 2016 long-player, Restless Nights. Both efforts show why American Dreamer should be the defining force in indie-folk. Why the “and change” comment above? The third track is Cue 6, an instrumental which clocks in at 50 seconds. 

American Dreamer bills themselves as an orchestral folk ensemble, certainly an apt description. Their goal is to explore the space between classical orchestral music and folk by creating accessible music using both constructs. The resulting sound is indie-folk in nature, with the group’s musical pedigree quite obviously in the foreground.   You can glimpse that pedigree by heading on up to the bio page on the group’s web page and reading all about the backgrounds of these fine musicians.

You can (and should) pick up both of American Dreamer’s releases on their site. Check out American Dreamer now and consider a purchase of both the Signal Sessions EP and Restless Nights. Expand your horizons!