Anderson East – Learning

Anderson East combines his gravelly voice to rhythm and blues on Learning and what you get is a moving (as in “keeps your feet moving”) horn-filled phenom.  Learning is from Anderson’s fourth-coming sophomore long-player, Southern Family, preceded by the wonderful Delilah.

It’s been a while since Vodka has been excited about an artist on a major label.  Often, it seems that artists get picked up by major labels only to disappear or become less accessible.  It’s always a disappointment for me to follow an artist who struggles along making great music, have them picked up by a major label, which should be a good thing, and suddenly go quiet. Let’s hope that never happens to Mr. East.

You can find more information on Anderson East by clicking over to his website, which has all of the social and purchase links available.  My one gripe on the website is that it does not contain an artist biography.  

Check out this amazing singer now and watch for Southern Family due out March 2016! While you are waiting, pick up a copy of Delilah and enjoy!