Diane Birch – Stand Under My Love

Diane Birch is a singer-songwriter-pianist with some nice vocal chops and a back catalog of wonderful music.  She has released two long-players, Bible Belt (2009) and Speak A Little Louder (2013), as well as two additional EPs, The Velveteen Age (with The Phenomenal Handclap Band)  and iTunes Sessions, both from 2010.  Stand Under My Love is from her January 2016 EP, NOUS.

Diane evokes emotional undertones with her vocal inflections that add weight to the lyrics she delivers.  Her songwriting provides an often melancholy vibe, but has the effect of making you listen more closely. On first listen, Diane’s music takes precedence, leaving you marveling and dreaming. Subsequent listening will likely have you listen more closely to the lyric line.  The music she creates is always beautiful.

Ms. Birch’s website is really just a link-fest to her social, video, and purchase options.  To find out more about Diane, visit her Facebook page. You can find the bulk of her music on her iTunes store.  If you don’t have her music in your collection, head on up to or iTunes and make a purchase!