Arielle Silver – What Really Matters

When music comes from the heart and from personal experience, it really matters, and that isn’t meant to be a play on words. Arielle Silver has crafted a masterpiece in What Really Matters (seen/heard here). It’s a triumphant song about just that – what really matters. It is a song that comes from the gun smoke of a bar shooting and the ashes of the California hills, but it is not a song about giving in or giving up, but about really knowing what is important in life.

What Really Matters is the lead-off single to a new long-player by Silver, A Thousand Tiny Torches, due out sometime this year. This new music is the product of a resurrection of inspiration and productivity following a long break for Silver. If the messages and music are as strong on Torches remaining tracks as they are with this new single, this may be one of the best releases this year and it’s only March! 

The video carries the message well, highlighting what we need to let go of and what we need to embrace. Arielle sings in the first verse and refrain:

“What would you take if your world was on fire
Riding the wind on a tinder of leaves
Flames flying in like an enemy fight
Sun rising red, tell me what would you grieve

When you’re burned down to the bedrock
When you’re scraped down to the coals
When everything you thought you knew is changing
And you feel the devil fighting for your soul

Flask of whisky, stash of pot
Letters from a lover that you should have long forgot
When your tidal waves of tears turn to laughter
That’s when you know it comes down
Down down down down down down down
To what really matters”

It’s like discovering the meaning of life, but instead, it is the meaning of hope, the meaning of triumph! This is an anthem for all to sing and sing again!

You can find more information on Arielle Silver by heading up to her website. There’s a beautiful bio up there that highlights her journey to get to A Thousand Tiny Torches, and it’s worth reading for anyone who loses their way and needs to find a road home. On the website as well are all of the social links you need, and while you can get there from the website, you can also check out her site where you can pick up her new single, plus much of her back catalog. 

Check out this amazing artist now!  Pick up her music and watch for A Thousand Tiny Torches soon! Thanks to Trend for introducing me to this track and this artist.