Sarah Harmer – New Low

Canadian singer-songwriter, folk-rocker, Sarah Harmer smacks your complacency upside the head with New Low from the forthcoming (out by the time you read this) long-player, Are You Gone (February 2020). The chorus on this track is a gem worthy of repeat:

“Out in the street three times this week, new threats, new lows. If this gets us to our feet and grows, who knows?”

Through this refrain and the verses leading up to it, Harmer speaks of complacency that makes us feel that the problems of the world aren’t ours, that we turn a blind eye to the issues facing us, but that they are “coming under the door.”  It may seem preachy, and it is to an extent, but there is so much truth here that you should be humbled and spurned to action by it.  

Musically this is a straight-up folk-rock, feel-good melody. Harmer’s rapid-fire lyric delivery is celebratory, almost joyful. As she delivers this anthem to action you can almost see her and a crowd of followers pumping their fists in the air. 

You can find more information on Sarah Harmer by heading up to her website, which includes all of the requisite social and purchase links. You can also find her music on her site

Check out some great folk-rock anthems from someone who has lived and worked as an environmental activist for a long time now. She has lived action, so New Low is not a casual sermon, but a reflection on her life lived. Go grab some Sarah Harmer music now!