Ayla Nereo – Wheel of Time

Ayla Nereo is no newcomer to the world of music, artistry, and self-healing. She’s been at it since at least 2006 when she released her self-recorded first long-player, Play Me A Time. She has recorded as a single artist, and in various collaborations, which means that there is ultimately a wealth of music available that she has either influenced or totally created. Ayla is a free spirit, less defined by a single genre’ of music than influenced by all of it. She adapts lyrical brilliance with orchestral sweeps, loop pedal harmonies, and even hip-hop elements if the music demands it. The stories in her music ring with true emotion, demonstrated by Wheel Of Time (seen/heard here) from her latest long-player, By The Light Of The Dark Moon (March 2019). Also shown here is Nereo’s dance interpretation of her own music.

You can find more information on Ayla Nereo by visiting her very complete and original website, including an excellent bio. You can purchase music and merchandise there in the store link, or head up to her site for digital download (and some physical) purchases. If you are into discovering more about the total experience that Ayla Nereo represents, check out her workshop link on the website as well.

Vodka loves different styles of music demonstrated by the sheer variety of styles that appear on this page every week. Ayla Nereo fits perfectly within that mold and I highly recommend a purchase of any of her fine music to add to your collection.  Check out Ayla Nereo now!