Ivy Flindt – Young And Pretty

If ever there was a contextual relationship between “smart” and “pop”, Sweden’s Ivy Flindt has it, and it is exceptional! Vocally light and lilting, the phrasing used by lead vocal Cate Martin is by no means cookie-cutter pop. Here on Young And Pretty from the duo’s long-player, In Every Move (August 2018), you get a taste of all that. 

A collaboration of two creators, Ivy Flindt combines the aforementioned Cate Martin and Micha Holland, painting pictures with the music they create, which as it turns out is in keeping with their larger goals and ambitions; composing, photographing, and painting an inspiring attitude that reflects life. So Ivy Flindt isn’t so much a musical duo, but a creating force of two committed individuals. 

Nevertheless, musically, Ivy Flindt demands attention. There are tons of textural and aural experiences painted within the eleven tracks contained in In Every Move. Recently (April 2019) a single bundle was released for When You’re Not Around taken from the long-player. These eleven tracks are wrapped in an instrumentally minimalist approach, which tends to highlight the lyric and the delivery. For the most part, In Every Move is not for casual listening, it is meant to be experienced from the first words to the last refrain.

You can find more information on Ivy Flindt by heading up to their website or purchase their music from their site

If you are looking for smart pop music from a duo where music is only part of their ambition, take a listen to Ivy Flindt now and pick up their music!