Bad Pollyanna – Hollow

Alternative rock has new life with Bad Pollyanna and the incredible debut concept long-player, Monstrous Child. Steeped in a story of a mad scientist’s love for his deceased lover and his obsession to bring her back to life again, the story takes on a creepy life of its own when his lover comes back with the brain of the girl he kills to restore her life. It’s all very modern day Frankenstein, including subtitles under the video for Hollow, seen here.

Bad Pollyanna’s lead vocalist/pianist Olivia Hyde, lends just the right emotional influence to the video and the band’s rocking ways are tight and clean. This is a rock band with a future. 

You can reach Bad Pollyanna by visiting their web site, which is really just a front end for all of their social and purchase links. Check out these rock story tellers now!