Flavia – Your Daughter

Scandinavian mistress of avant-piano, Flavia Faas has a background in circus performing, which serves her alternative music quite well. Here on the odd and wonderful Your Daughter, hear the carnival flair, the raucous, flamboyant exuberance of Flavia Faas in all of her quirky charm! Your Daughter is from the upcoming long-player, Love, Death & Vegetables, due out in just a few days (September 22, 2013).  

Check out Flavia Faas web site. It is nicely formatted and complete, and has a great little bio on Flavia’s early childhood. Be sure to keep your eyes and wallet opened for Love, Death & Vegetables, which you can get through the music link of the web site, or direct from and check out some of Flavia’s earlier works there as well. If there were a byline that fits Flavia Faas music, it would be borrowed from Monty Python’s Flying Circus: “And now for something completely different.”