Bears Of Legend – Any Road To Anywhere

Bears of Legend are one of the best under-appreciated bands out there. Using a disparate blend of folk, classical, rock, and progressive, the band weaves a sound that is intricate, complex, and yet very accessible. The band’s most recent single,  Any Road to Anywhere (seen/heard here) from the 2018 long-player A Million Lives, is a case in point. The single presents itself initially with a pop lead-in, there is just a hint of the progressive rock elements of the song by the time the first chorus finishes. With each chorus, the elements build, throwing in the classical touches, keyboard fills, cello until by the ¾ mark the instruments are all in and the vocals build to match. It’s a beautiful track, wonderfully executed, by a band that is totally unique.

While Bears of Legend are not known for their prolific output, they have been consistent, putting out a long-player every three years since the band’s inception. The quality of that output makes the length between releases all worthwhile. What still is less than stellar after multiple years of playing, singing and performing, is the band’s biography. Their website posts all that can be said about the band in one short paragraph (three sentences), and their Facebook page posts a little more content regarding the Good Morning, Motherland long-player (their first long-player from 2012), in French. The Facebook about page also lists the band personnel, although how accurate it is I do not know, as that was the band personnel back at the release of Good Morning, Motherland in 2012.

Other than the band having a sketchy bio and mysterious personnel, there is nothing to dislike about them. In fact, just letting the music speak for itself is enough. You can find as much information as is available, including a store link and link to all available social links, on the band’s website.

Check out some genre-defying music from a band of practitioners that have been meticulously honing their craft for more than seven years now. Pick up some Band Of Legends music now from the store link on their website. You can find the older releases on the band’s site.