Thom Hell – The Love Is Gone

Norwegian singer-songwriter Thom Hell was one of the first artists that Vodka reviewed, back before I was really writing reviews and just posting the videos, for the most part, of music that I liked. That video still stands out as both a beautiful track and one of the most innovative and thoughtful uses of technology in a video ever (my opinion). That video was posted back in January 2012 for the song Over You. The Love Is Gone (seen/heard here) is a single that was released in 2018 and is not part of a Thom Hell long-player as of now. What it shares with the original Vodka post seven years ago is that it is simply a beautiful song.

Thom Hell is very difficult to find information on, particularly in English, but what I can tell you is that he released a new long-player this year, Straight To VHS (October 2019). The Love Is Gone does not appear on that new LP. In fact, the official website is basically a placeholder for his 2016 long-player, Happy Rabbit. There are included social links on that page, but that is about it. Thom Hell is obviously very talented, has withstood the test of time through multiple releases, and is more than worthy of your purchase. The only problem with him, in fact, is the non-updated, haphazardly linked, information about the artist and his music. 

To find information on Thom Hell, start Googling. You can purchase Straight To VHS from iTunes or Amazon, but only, it seems, in digital download format.  If you’ve never been exposed to Thom Hell, purchase some of his music today!