Beaulieu Porch – Navy Blue

Beaulieu Porch (Simon Berry) has a reclusive personal profile. His music is “released” largely in snippets, one track here and another there, over the course of years, so it is nice to finally have a collection of those tunes all in one spot for a change. Enter We Are Beautiful (April 2015). It includes the previously reviewed (a little over a year ago) The Colour 55 and 17 (!) other psychedelic pop tunes for a pittance (Name your price) on the Bandcamp site.

These tunes are full of texture, even in their quietest moments, with Mr. Berry exploring the edges of a song with incredible detail. For this reason We Are Beautiful is not a passive listening collection. You may feel as if you have been working just listening to a few tracks at a time. 

Again, there is little or no information on Mr. Berry himself, but you can explore the Beaulieu Porch tumblr site and get over to where you can pick up We Are Beautiful along with The Carmelite Divine (Original Soundtrack). Support Beaulieu Porch by purchasing this great music at a fair price.