Flagship Romance – Dandelion

Flagship Romance made their debut appearance on Vodka two years ago with the tremendous Treason from the duo’s  awesome first EP effort, The Fudge Sessions. We revisited the band again about a year later with another track from that same EP, Hit The Ground. Then the two began work on numerous philanthropic projects, followed by a crowd funding campaign that raised over $25,000 to help them make their first long-player, Fee Fie Foh Fum, which was released in June of 2014. Dandelion hails from that new long-player.  

The recording here is raw and intimate, not overproduced to the point of pasteurization.  The effect is a collection of songs that you can play on your stereo and believe that it is being performed in your living room. 

Fee Fie Foh Fum is not available on the duo’s site. You can pick it up through direct purchase link from the web site itself.  If you have yet to pick up the duo’s debut EP, head on up to and pick that up too!

Check out Flagship Romance now!