Bedouine – When You’re Gone

Like the feel of a rose petal, Bedouine’s (a.k.a, Azniv Korkejian) music is smooth, gentle, and like the flower itself, beautiful.  The intricate weaving of the music and the lyric, posing a perfect balance to both, is no accident, for Korkejian has a degree in sound design. Her moniker reflects her nomadic existence to date, for the one constant in her life has been mobility and change of venue. Born in Aleppo, Syria, she spent her childhood in Saudi, Arabia, moved to Boston, then Houston, on to Los Angeles, then Kentucky, and back to Los Angeles.   These life experiences have obviously shaped her music career, which she fell into tangentially. We should all be thankful that she did!

When You’re Gone (seen/heard here) is from Bedouine’s latest (June 2019) long-player with what is perhaps one of the best album titles of all time: Bird Songs Of A Killjoy. Each track has carefully placed full orchestration, backed up by simple understated instrumentation with Korkejian’s beautiful, lilting voice the star attraction. There are some standout tracks When You’re Gone (of course) and One More Time come to mind, but my personal favorite would be the cross-genre mashup, Dizzy, which has elements of jazz, electronica, rock, pop, and more. Slightly more upbeat than When You’re Gone or One More Time, it never rises to the level of full-on pop-rocker, which is appropriate in this collection. 

Bird Songs Of A Killjoy, is Bedouine’s sophomore offering, following up her debut self-titled long-player that was released almost exactly two years ago (June 2017). There is no one-stop-shop for information on Bedouine (unfortunately), but you can find some information on her Facebook and Twitter pages, or pick up both of her long-players in CD, Vinyl, or digital download formats from her site

Pick up some wonderful music from an artist who not only knows how to sing and write well, but how to mix things so that they are well-balanced. Check out Bedouine now!