Ben Balmer – Thinking

Over a year ago, I reviewed the awesome single between Ben Balmer and Aly Tadros entitled Whim. In that review, I referred to Ben Balmer’s long-player at the time, and that Aly Tadros was part of that as well. Well, I’m a dork. Apparently a bit quick to post the review, I didn’t do more digging to find out that the long-player in question, Dug In (October 2012), was Ben’s project alone. My apologies to Mr. Balmer for that screw up! Thinking, is from Dug In, and although it is a live performance, it has excellent sound quality.

So why bring up a video from a 2012 release?  Was it just to correct a glaring error in the original review of Whim? Heavens to Betsy no!  Ben Balmer has just released (September 2015) his second long-player, Loose Lips, Sunk Ships, Bruised Hips and Booze Sips. Not only is the title a great play on words, it’s a great collection, filled with-as the title implies-a plethora of subject matter and a touch of countryesque folk-rock stories. 

Don’t miss this release!  You can find more information on Ben Balmer from his web site, which includes links to nearly everywhere.  You can pick up Loose Lips, Sunk Ships, Bruised Hips and Booze Sips as well as the single with Aly Tadros, Whim, and Ben’s original 2012 long-player, Dug In, from his site.

Check out this amazingly diverse artist now!