Sara Niemietz – Taxi Outside

Sara Niemietz has a luscious, rich voice, that serves these jazzy, bluesy, lounge numbers with great affect.  Here on Taxi Outside, from Sara’s latest six-song EP, Fountain and Vine (September 2015), you hear that fullness, that richness, along with a touch of humor and play. This is Sara’s second EP, and it shows some musical growth from her earlier effort, Push Play (June 2012), which was itself a wonderful collection.

Born in Chicago, IL and transplanted to California, Sara Niemietz has done a lot, including acting in a Broadway show, appearing on TV (Glee) and of course, writing lyrics, singing and playing music.  If you are among the uninitiated, it is time that you exposed yourself to this wonderful singer now!

You can find more information on Sara Niemietz by visiting her web site or head on over to her site and pick up both of those EP’s. Consider the hard-copies, as they come with the digital versions and are nearly as inexpensive as the digital downloads.  Go on, do it!