Better Oblivion Community Center – Dylan Thomas

Better Oblivion Community Center is an indie-rock band, fronted by Connor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers. If those names sound familiar, they should. Connor Oberst has made tons of music throughout his career, most notably with his band Bright Eyes, but also as a member/frontman for a number of other bands and as a solo artist. Phoebe Bridgers is comparatively a newcomer to the indie-rock world, releasing her first 7″ single with Ryan Adams’ record label, PAX AM, in 2016, releasing her debut long-player Strangers In The Alps in 2017, and then teaming up with Julien Baker and Lucy Dacas for the supergroup boygenius in 2018.

Dylan Thomas (seen/heard here) is from the self-titled Better Oblivion Community Center long-player (January 2019), and is just a sampling of the fine indie-rock made by this great pairing of individual talents. 

You can find more information on Better Oblivion Community Center, by heading up to their website, which includes social and purchase links for the LP.  You can find information on Connor Oberst on his website and Phoebe Bridgers from her own website. The problem with all of these resources is the lack of a good biography on anyone. (Connor has a sketchy and incomplete bio posted.) 

If the normal indie-rock fare is just too bland these days, take a chance on the super-duo talent of Better Oblivion Community Center where rock and roll still lives well!