Big Little Lions – Unicorn

Back in September of last year (2018), Vodka reviewed Big Little Lions and Find Your Tribe from the duo’s latest long-player, Alive And Well (February 2018). On that same long-player, nestled among the generally positive fare, is a wake-up call to the world entitled Unicorn (seen/heard here). 

There are so many things that this song could be about: It could be about the USA and our crumbling democracy; It could be about the world’s failure to face climate change; It could be about the resurgence of hatred in our world; It could be about the rise of fake news, or about the calling of real news “fake” when it suits your purposes; or it could be about all of those things and more. But as Helen and Paul sing, “Wake me when the world is sober, Tell me when this show is over.” There’s no mistaking the angst, helplessness, and sadness these songwriters feel in facing these world challenges. While I normally steer clear of lyric videos, this is one where the lyrics are front and center the most important aspect of the song. 

All of that brings me back to Alive And Well (the long-player) and the magic that Helen Austin and Paul Otten bring to the 13 thoughtful and beautiful compositions contained in it. If you’ve as yet to discover Big Little Lions, don’t wait any longer! Their site has Alive And Well along with Just Keep Moving (May 2016), A Little Frayed, A Little Torn (April 2015), and several EPs and singles. The long-players each have a CD purchase option as well as the normal digital download. 

You can find more information on Big Little Lions, by heading up to their website. Add some musical depth to your collection today by picking up some Big Little Lions now!