Big Big Train – Alive

Progressive rock greats, Big Big Train are poised (at the time of this writing) to release yet another opus in their craft, Grand Tour (May 2019). Alive (seen/heard here), is the type of positive rock anthem that the group hasn’t really made since Make Some Noise over 5 years ago. That said, they have made a great number of fabulous long-players, and Vodka has revisited the band several times since Make Some Noise was reviewed:

Wassail (July 2015)

Folklore (May 2016)

Telling The Bees (April 2017)

Meadowland (June 2017)

I’m always impressed with the skill of this band and the sheer volume of great work that they have created over the years. If you’d like further information on the band, head up to their website, or check-in at their site for digital versions of their music. My recommendation, though, is always for the physical copy (CD) which can be obtained by going to their Burning Shed link.

Check out one of the best progressive rock bands out there, by picking up some Big Big Train music today!