Barrie – Darjeeling

If you are ready to dream while awake, then the dreamiest of dream-pop from the band Barrie may be just what you are looking for. Lushly layered pop is the formula for the band’s debut long-player, Happy To Be Here (May 2019) and the five-piece delivers that formula with pure pop genius! As an example, check out Darjeeling from the new long-player (seen/heard here).

Throughout the 10 tracks on the new long-player, Barrie, referring to band namesake Lindsay Barrie who wrote all of these tracks and provides lead vocals, plots a course through the rules of pop melody and construction. While the music reflects the atmospheric focus of the band, the lyrics are like any dream: open to interpretation. 

Besides Lindsay Barrie (guitar as well as lead vocal), the band is fleshed out by Dominic Apa, percussion, Spurgeon Carter, synths and vocals, Sabine Holler, bass, and vocals, and Noah Prebish, synth and guitars. The sum effect of the bandmates and the material is a cohesive set of music, start to finish, that never feels jarring or out of place. 

You can find more information on Barrie, by visiting the band’s Winspear site or head up to their site to pick their music in either digital or physical form (vinyl, cassette, CD).  Check out an up-and-coming force in the world of pop music by picking up some Barrie music today!