Big Big Train – Snowfalls at De Boerderij

Filmed during soundcheck, at De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, the Netherlands back in September, Big Big Train’s Snowfalls at De Boerderij shows off Vodka’s favorite progressive rock band at their very best. The new lineup since the passing of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist David Longdon is strong and seamless. While no one will actually replace Longdon, Alberto Bravin adds his own special style to the lead vocals and does a magnificent job! 

Snowfalls, with its swirling instrumental fills and glorious harmonies, it feels like you are standing in a quiet street, with snow falling around you, sometimes caught by a slight breeze. It captures the beauty of that moment and immerses the listener, making you a part of the experience. This kind of imagery is what Big Big Train is known for, and one of the reasons why they continue to appear on this blog over and over. 

This isn’t a long review, but it does not need to be. Snowfalls at De Boerderij speaks for itself. 

You can find more information on Big Big Train by heading up to their very complete website. If you would like to check out other Vodka posts for the band, click here.

Big Big Train is a great band that has withstood time and a host of challenges to remain one of the better progressive rock bands around. They continue to surprise and delight live audiences and put out great studio LPs as well. If you haven’t explored their music, I encourage you to do so now!

Note: Vodka is taking a vacation for the last part of December and the first part of January. To make sure that you have something to see while I’m gone, I’ll be posting some of my favorites that have new music available. These won’t be reviews but will contain some information for you to check out. I’ll return to normal posting on January 18th. There may be one more full post in December, depending on the information I’m currently waiting on, but if not, I’ll see you in 2023. Have a great holiday season!