Big Little Lions – I Know I Know

This is not the first time that Big Little Lions has appeared on Vodka. This is a very fun folk-pop duo and they deserve repeat introductions! I Know I Know (seen/heard here) is from the duo’s latest LP Happy Accident (June 2022), and keeps with their signature upbeat and positive music to date. 

Lyrically, I Know I Know is all about going for it, going forward, not looking back, and how that can work out. In other words, a happy accident: 

“Everything I’ve done so far doesn’t make any sense
And I guess it’s just a happy accident
That I find myself here
I’m lucky, I know

Maybe making plans were meant for someone else
Always followed my nose until I like the smell
Then I lay my head down
It took a while to get here”

You might think that the way these two perform and write music, they are a couple. Well if so, you would be wrong! Both are married to different people and actually live in different countries (US/Canada). What they share is the music, and the music speaks for itself! They have tight vocal harmonies and construct singable pop melodies, earworms in fact, that will have you tapping your foot and singing the songs out loud. That chemistry is enough to make them multiple award winners. Prior to the pandemic, the duo toured around doing house concerts, one of which Vodka was lucky enough to attend. You would swear that the music these two create must be backed up by a band, but, in person at least, they play multiple instruments, often at the same time, and end up sounding like a much bigger band. It’s an amazing talent to have!

Big Little Lions
Big Little Lions

Big Little Lions are Hellen Austin and Paul Otten. You can find more information on the duo by heading up to their website. It has everything you’re looking for, including purchase links, social links, and a nice bio. 

If you are as yet unfamiliar with Big Little Lions, pick up some of their music now, and start your days off with a positive message from a duo who knows how to bring smiles to faces!

Note: Just when things were returning to a semblance of normality, the COVID 19 virus is again heating up in many areas of the country. It’s so disheartening to know that we have the tools to make this a non-event, by simply getting vaccinated and fully boosted. The virus has the potential, again, to shut down performances for musical artists. For this reason, artists such as Big Little Lions could still use your purchases. If your situation allows it, consider purchasing more in these tough times.  Please, if you are physically able to do so, get vaccinated. — Vodka