Billie Marten – Ribbon

I’m not sure how I feel about Billie Marten as yet, but if this video for Ribbon is any indication, then I may be a fan very soon. Ribbon starts with an all too familiar strum, which seems to be everywhere in “new” music these days. Normally I’d have clicked out pretty quickly, but that strum doesn’t linger without the addition of Bille’s vocals for more than 8 seconds. When the vocal kicks in the song becomes a different melody altogether. It is that vocal that adds the soul and while the guitar strum was initially very same sounding as other similar folk pop offerings, once the vocal kicks in it morphs into a very beautiful melody. 

Instrumentally, Ribbon is very sparse. Aside from Billie’s guitar, there are some minor strings (cello I believe) that add just a slight bit of texture. All in all, it is a beautiful song. Billie’s vocals fit in well, at times slightly breathy, but very pretty indeed.

You can find more information on Billie Marten by visiting her web site, which is really just a front for all of her other links. Ribbon is from the 4 song EP by the same name available from i-Tunes.