Breaky Boxes – Elder Ones

French folk-rockers Breaky Boxes, hit the world with a bang with their debut long-player, Resting Wall (March 2020), and Elder Ones (seen/heard here), is the lead-off track of this magnificent collection. 

Throughout the 12 tracks on this long player, the harmonies are rock solid, the melodies are front and center, and the vocals are never buried beneath the mix. Breaky Boxes remind me of The Posies or Bad Religion, not because they have the same style of music, but because they have the same intensity and ability to plow forward, without compromising the quality of the music. If Vodka has one complaint about this debut, it’s that the intensity never varies much. You feel like on certain tracks they are making their point with a hammer when a softer touch would work as well. That is a super-small complaint though because there is so much to love here!

You can find more information on Breaky Boxes by heading up to their website, which has most of the links you need. You can find a nice bio on the band under Band and you can find some of their purchase and streaming links under Music (missing is their link here) or Shop. They also have a couple of EP’s that are out there as well and deserve your attention. Social links? Yep. They’re up there. 

Check out a folk-rock band with some delightful chops that are destined to just get better as they mature. Pick up some Breaky Boxes music now!