Casii Stephan – Trapeze Artist

Casii Stephan has a beautiful, rich, soulful voice, and a magic way of penning just the right notes to go along with the voice. That is all great, but the star in Trapeze Artist (seen/heard here) is the lyric!  If you’ve all but given up on this world, are depressed by the hate and vitriol that you are exposed to daily, and just want a way to lift up your spirit and fill it with hope, then you’ve found just such a song to help you get there.

Trapeze Artist is an anthem of hope, a call to love more and to reject hate. It’s a beacon that beckons you to embrace the sunshine and answer all with a smile. With Casii Stephan singing it, there’s no way you can miss the lift, but you first have to acknowledge the problem:

“My heart is like a trapeze artist
Balancing it all
Between the painful cries, the fearful eyes
And the promise of a gentle sigh

One day you see the good
That could be done by us all
And then the next you see the tyranny of hate
That keeps building up our walls”

Problem acknowledged. That beginning bit is mostly Casii, less the backup vocals, and that is as it should be because as the song progresses to interject the hopefulness in the face of despair, Casii is accompanied by a full-on choir of voices that punctuates the lyric and demands you to lift up, to rejoice, to face despair and to cast it out. In the bridge into the final chorus we hear these great words to live by:

“So please be patient
Please be kind
Please don’t ever cross that line
Please bite your tongue
Don’t say that word
We’re all just wanderers in this world
And if you happen to look around
And see the faces in the crowd
Just know, love don’t grow alone”

The chorus never changes; The lyric line is the same from beginning to the very end, but the attitude with which it is sung changes the meaning from doubtful, to hopeful. It’s a magic transition in a song that should be an anthem for our times:

“So I’ll keep hoping for tomorrow
If tomorrow exists at all
I’ll keep hoping for love
Though this love has let me fall
I’ll keep hoping that maybe
These times will finally change
But with all this hoping I wonder if it’s still worth it
To hope at all

Now as I’ve said, the star of this song is the lyric, but there is no better messenger than Casii Stephan! Her vocals are powerful, with a natural vibrato, and the emotion with which she sings this song adds punctuation, definition, grandness. It is the perfect vehicle for this anthem! I hope we hear much more of Casii in the future.

You can find more information on Casii Stephan by heading up to her nicely formatted website, complete with all the social links you require. There is also a wonderful bio and links to her music to listen to or purchase. She has a handful of singles so far, but hopefully, a long-player is not far in the future. 

Check out this amazing artist now, and consider a purchase of her music!