Bridie Jackson and The Arbour – We Talked Again

Bridie Jackson and The Arbour are a find! They have eluded me until now, but that won’t happen again. We Talked Again, the dark tale of near tragedy, is one of the stellar tracks on the group’s second long-player, New Skin (May 2014), that will mesmerize you. Bridie Jackson’s lead vocals are so beautiful, but combine them with her three female band-mates vocal harmonies, and the layers! The textures! This is music to be heard. Each song is a video in itself; meaning you really would not need a video to conjure up the images in your head that are created by these wonderful, dark and beautiful songs. 

Oddly, We Talked Again, appeared in a completely different form on the groups debut long-player, Bitter Lullabies (January 2012). That track was more understated on the original debut, but has more force and texture here on New Skin. Both versions are worth repeating!

Consider this the first of a couple of videos by Bridie Jackson and The Arbour. I’ll post at least one more in a week or so.  You can find more information on Bridie Jackson and The Arbour by heading on over to their web site. Pick up both New Skin and Bitter Lullabies on their bandcamp link. Whatever you do, listen to this amazing group of talented musical story tellers!