Rob Cantor – All I Need Is You

Singer-songwriter, Rob Cantor’s debut long-player, Not A Trampoline,  came out in April (2014), and it is full of wonderful pop musical gems. Take All I Need Is You for instance. Rob’s voice is an pleasing tenor which blends together with itself, strings, (or synthesizers I can’t find any extensive album info), light rhythms, and guitars to great effect. Rob got a following from a stunt video created for his song Perfect, also on Not A Trampoline. That video created quite a stir, which I have to believe was a great marketing ploy. 

Whether you are one of the converted because of that stunt video for Perfect or whether you have yet to be converted, you owe it to yourself to sit down and listen to the 12 tracks that make up Not A Trampoline. There’s a nod to musical styles of 1985, Garden Of Eden, synth pop in The Rendezvous, full tilt pop-rock with I’m Gonna Win and much more.

Trampoline is a bit schizophrenic to be sure, but it is full of great music and humor. Check out Rob Cantor by heading up to his web site or pick up Not A Trampoline from Rob’s bandcamp link.