Brion Riborn – Get Back Up (Hallelujah)

Singer-songwriter Brion Riborn has a strong vocal presence on his latest long-player, Don’t look back, Never Look Back (December 2012) and knows his way around a catchy melody. Most of the songs here are mid-tempo pop tunes-though some are a bit faster and there are a hand full of ballads too. It makes for a nice listening variety. The video Get Back Up (Halleluja) is a single written specifically for the movie Annabelle and Bear back in 2010.

You can find more information on Brion Riborn by visiting his web site. On the site, for those of you who love a bargain, You can pick up hard copies of Don’t Look Back, Never Look Back and Mediocrity Is An Adequate Lover (June 2011) for a reasonable $15 or more. Check out this amazing singer-songwriter now!