Ian Britt – Crazy

Singer-songwriter Ian Britt has very diverse tastes in music-from Eminem to Enya. That’s a wide divide which is not only diverse and interesting, but not unlike my own very diverse musical tastes. Still, Ian Britt keeps close to the folk-pop vein in his own musical endeavors. Case in point is the two-song (as of this writing) EP Understood (April 2013), where Crazy comes from. There is blistering emotion, anger and loss in the lyrics, but the song itself is beautifully introspective. Why the “as of this writing” disclaimer you ask? Because Understood is an EP in flux-one song per month until July 2013. So the sum-total will likely be a five song EP and, if the first two are any indication, well worth purchasing.

You can find more information on Ian Britt by visiting his very complete web site. Check out this wonderful artist today!