Burn Antares – Man’s Eyes

You could say that Burn Antares makes 60’s and 70’s throw-back pop-rock, and while there is a definite retro feel to it, that only goes so far. There is a decidedly here-and-now feel to their music as well. Here on Man’s Eye, from the five-piece band’s self-titled October 2013 debut, you’ll get the feel.  While the band is a solid instrumental unit, the vocal leads from Grace Farriss stand front and center and hearken back to another “Grace” (think Jefferson Airplane), and that comparison is by no means a bad thing!  Burn Antares makes their home in Sydney Australia.

You can find more information on Burn Antares from the band’s web page which includes all the necessary social and purchasing links. Consider a purchase of this great pop-rock band now!