Hot Bodies In Motion – That Darkness

Combining elements of modern rock and rhythm and blues, Hot Bodies In Motion from Seattle, Washington, lay out a tight groove as heard (seen) here on Darkness, from the band’s January 2013 EP, Principle A. While short in track number and length (4 songs clocking in at just under 14 minutes), this a rich and full sounding collection of bluesy, R&B goodness.

There is little info to be found about the band, however, either from their web site, or from their Facebook page. They do a nice job of linking what is there, though, to their purchasable content. A note to the band would be to put up a bio on their web site for nerds like me who want to know, for instance, who the lead singer is. I can tell you that the band is made up of Scott Johnson, Tim Lopresto and Ben Carson, but that is about it.

Check out this wonderful three-piece now for some great bluesy R&B! You can pick up both Principle A and the 2011 EP, Old Habits, from the band’s site.