Cheap Fakes – Sand On The Beach

Combining a bit of ska, funk, reggae, jazz flavors and modern rock, Brisbane Australia’s Cheap Fakes create a party in your speakers that you just can’t help but move your feet to. Case in point is Sand On The Beach from the band’s January 2012 long-player, Hand Me Downs, which is so infectious it will have you hitting the repeat button soon after hearing it for the first time. 

In addition to Hand Me Downs, Cheap Fakes has just re-released (June 2013) their debut long-player Stones And Sticks, on This long-player was originally released independently back in July 2010 and it is nice to compare the progress that the band has made between this earlier work, and Hand Me Downs. All the talent is on display on both works and there are some great bits. 

Check out Cheap Fakes on their web site and consider a purchase of both Hand Me Downs and Stones and Sticks from their link. Let’s party!