Lily and Madeleine – Things I’ll Later Lose

The two part harmonies from Lily & Madeleine are simply stand out! This video, which has a “live from our living room” sort of feel, is Things I’ll Later Lose from the duo’s lovely EP The Weight Of The Globe (January 2013). There is a plaintive melancholy about Lily & Madeleine’s music, which is both haunting and beautiful. If Lily & Madeleine seem to look and sound a lot alike, perhaps it’s because the two sisters Jurkiewicz are, well, sisters. Their web site says they lean in slightly different directions musically, but the feel of all of their music is magically cohesive. 

You can find out more about Lily & Madeleine by visiting their nicely designed and very complete web site. Consider a purchase of The Weight Of The Globe from the duo’s site.