Clara C – The Camel Song

I ran across Clara C while trying to fill a spot for folk or Americana on the blog. It isn’t what I was looking for, but it is bright, infectious and simple.  Clara C, has a full range of vocal abilities as heard in this mix of The Camel Song, a wistful love song about sharing life’s experiences with the one you love. Yes, I know, nothing very original in that and I almost passed this song by until the chorus kicked in. See if you don’t agree that the chorus adds a certain level of complexity to what is otherwise a very simple melody.  Why the “folk” tag, you ask? Well, the simplest explanation for folk is music that tells a story, and there can be no doubt that there is a story being told here.  Listen up!

You can find out more information (including all of the social link-ups you might want) on Clara C’s web site. The Camel Song is from the Clara’s 2011 full-length, The Art In My Heart. Give Clara a listen.