Xylos – Not Enough

In pop music, the melody and how it is executed by the band or artist seems to me to be one of the most important things. Can you remember it? Does it echo in your head in a way that makes you want to sing it or hear it again?  Both are true when you are listening to tunes by the pop foursome, Xylos.  A great example is 2010’s Not Enough, which has sweeping vocal harmonies throughout.

Xylos are not much for releasing information about their band I guess, as the web site includes everything but a good bio. Yep, all of the social links are there, although you may want their Bandcamp link, which is strangely missing. If you are looking for simple, straight-forward, singable pop music, then check out Xylos now.

Editor’s Note: Sometime since this post was made, the video stopped working. The original video was great, but was pulled for some reason.