Clara Sanabras – Helium Horses

Helium Horses (seen/heard here) is from Clara Sanabras May 2019 long-player, Fugue to the Floating World, and it is an outstanding example of how folk-rock can still be great in this case, fantastic! This track is nothing short of an amazing mix of perfectly combined elements. Clara has a beautiful voice and even though this song rocks out at times, her vocals are never hidden beneath the instruments. That is as it should be! The vocals soar here like helium-pun intended. 

The music here is carefully crafted and far from simple. It is through this complexity that the song really takes shape. The beginning is light and sparse, shifting into a blues riff that lends perfectly to the beginning of the vocal. It isn’t long before the melody shifts major to a minor key and back again, and in the refrain, there is a beautiful resolve. It is so perfect!  I can’t love this track enough…And boy!…. Clara’s voice is so perfect for this song!

Clara has released 7 long-players and has been involved in a ton of special projects. In short, she’s a busy lady. Her website includes an extensive biography that highlights some of her collaborative work with other artists. There is plenty of information there, including her touring schedule and all of the social links you require. Just like the music she creates, there’s nothing left out!

Vodka has always been a sucker for a good female vocalist, and Clara Sanabras is an excellent female vocalist, writer, artist, singer, songwriter, all of it! Get out there and pick up her music. It’s available from iTunes and also on Amazon. Don’t wait!