Gambler’s Daughter – Indigo Blue

Indigo Blue (seen/heard here) is from Gambler’s Daughter (a.k.a., Jessa Roquet) first full-length offering, Serotinous Skin (due February 8, 2020). ‘Serotinous’ is defined as “remaining closed on the tree with seed dissemination delayed or occurring gradually.” It is obviously a reference used mainly in the study of trees that produce seed cones, however, it isn’t hard to decide the definition that is intended here, or at least my take on it. We have all heard the term “tough skinned” when we have heard certain people defined. We have heard the term “guarded” when we talk of certain people’s willingness to open up. ‘Serotinous Skin’ would seem to mean “guarded but letting down your guard gradually; not revealing too much of yourself.” It’s certainly a fun term to contemplate while listening to this beautiful piece of music. We may get a clearer view, once the long-player is released (just 3 days from now), from the title track, but as of this writing, Indigo Blue is the only track available.

Jessa Roquet has a beautiful, crystal clear, voice. Her lyric style is simple enough, but the meanings of the lyrics are multi-faceted and elusive. That’s OK by me, as I could listen to her sing all day long. Jessa has a history in folk as her biography indicates, but with Serotinous Skin, she claims a space in the alternative-folk and folk-rock arena. It’s a space that is perfect for her. I’m excited to hear more!

You can find more information on Gambler’s Daughter by heading up to her nicely formatted website. Requisite social links are all available there. Serotinous Skin and all of Jessa’s previous EP’s and singles are available on her site.

You need to add this wonderful singer-songwriter to your collection now!