Cotton Belly – Greatness

Enter Cotton Belly, a band with an eye for blues, rock and integration; A band whose talents include transforming standards into their own image and creating innovative tunes of their own; A band deeply steeped, stoked and smoked in fun. Here on Greatness from the band’s second long-player, This Day (October 2013), Cotton Belly removes the stops and looses the jams. 

These blues men aren’t from South of the Mason-Dixon line, they make their home in Paris, France. Perhaps that gives their take on blues-rock a completely different and unique flavor. Whatever the reason, the band always sounds fresh.

You can pick up This Day as well as their October 2009 self-titled long-player and a couple of other EP’s at the band’s site. More information is available on the band from their web site. Check out fresh blues rock, from a band that knows their stuff, Cotton Belly!