Courtney Barnett – Nameless, Faceless

Those who have followed Vodka from the beginning, know that we had Courtney Barnett’s number from the earliest days. History Eraser was posted in December 2012 and her releases have made multiple appearances on Vodka since then. Nameless, Faceless introduces you to her new long-player, Tell Me How You Really Feel, due out May 2018 (pre-orders are now available for multiple packages on her site.) 

Courtney’s grit and humor are unavoidable and welcome qualities of any release, and Tell Me How You Really Feel, based on the Nameless, Faceless release alone, promises to be more of the same. Edgy rock combined with smart lyrics is the reason that you will spin a Barnett song over and over. Dissed by the Grammy’s in 2016 in favor of a bubble-headed pop singer with a completely repeatable (ad nauseam) sound, Courtney Barnett nonetheless rises above that drivel and continues to give rock n’ roll a good name. The Grammys, after all, are no longer pertinent in the music business. 

You can find more information on Courtney Barnett by heading up to her website, which has all of the needed social and purchase links.

If you haven’t caught on to the Courtney Barnett bandwagon, then it is time you jumped aboard! Join the multitudes of fans already there and learn that rock n’ roll is not dead after all!