Good Old War – Part Of Me

On the heels of 2015′s magnificent Broken Into Better Shape and a long stretch of touring, comes Good Old War’s new EP, Part Of You (February 2018), and as demonstrated from this acoustic performance of Part Of Me, it should not disappoint!

Good Old War is not a stranger to Vodka, having appeared here a few times over the last 5 years. Their sound is edgy pop with folk-like stories that is so immediately accessible, it should be a constant member of any good playlist. 

There isn’t a ton of information on the band’s website (the tour info is there!), but it does link to every other source under the sun, so it is still the best location to go and branch off from. That said, other than digital downloads from iTunes, there are no purchase links from the website, so if you want the physical copy (we always do) turn to for that. Head up there and check them out, then, blow the dust of that money bag and go see them on tour when they hit your area or pick up any of their great music via physical or digital, whatever floats your boat.

Hey! It’s Good Old War… go get some!