Dark Furs – Won’t See Me

Alt popsters Dark Furs, almost lost me at the intro. It’s that same plink, plink, plink intro used in so many pop rock tunes these days; But there was a variance. Something that indicated difference just ahead, and I stuck it out. I’m happy I waited! Here on Won’t See Me from the December 2012 self-titled EP, vocalist Suzanne May wails tunefully through the verses and refrain. Suzanne has a confident, strident vocal, which is applied with just enough echo to make Won’t See Me sound full and fresh. 

Based out of Newcastle, CA, the two-piece has its origins in both the UK (Where Suzanne was born) and California, where the other half of Dark Furs, songwriter/guitarist Chad Phillips is from. The two met up in 2011 and the musical chemistry was complete. 

Check out Dark Furs by visiting their slightly confusing web site (see links at the bottom of the page for a clearer picture). Take a listen to and purchase  the EP by visiting the site.