Flagship Romance – Treason

Treason is one of the most beautiful cheating songs ever made and it was made by a duo whose truest talent is their love for each other. Take this quote from Flagship Romance’s web site as a sign: “Once upon a time, a boy met a girl. He picked her up at her beach house & took her to dinner. They both loved music & became the best of friends. Eventually this boy & girl began to fall in love, although they tried their hardest not to. Music poured out of their kisses, their arguments, & their laughter. Songs formed. This is their Flagship Romance.”

Yes indeed, Flagship Romance made up of Shawn Fisher (guitars/vocals) and Jordyn Jackson (vocals), is one of the most perfect pairings of voices that I’ve heard in some time. Even though both sing high (Shawn tenor and Jordyn soprano) the harmonies are tight and beautiful. Like an ocean wave on heart strings, the intensity gives you goose bumps. 

I suppose one would categorize Flagship Romance as country, but it’s more in the vein of The Civil Wars, so let’s say folk/country. They are delightfully free of all that is twangy.

You can find lots of information on Flagship Romance by visiting their very complete web site. Treason is from the duo’s 5-song EP, The Fudge Sessions (January 2013), which can be found on or in hard copy from their store link on the site. Check out this amazing musical couple now!