Darling – Echoes

Dublin, Ireland two-piece pop rockers, Darling, know how to create an infectious melody, a raucous beat and great vocal harmonies with youthful energy. Here, from what is billed as a debut self-titled EP (October 2013), but is more akin to an extended single, Darling gives glimpses of what is to come. Sounding at times like a band much larger and even “echoing” (pun intended) their kinsman U2 at times, Echoes which appears twice on the EP, once in this form and again as a remix, is a strong, full pop-rock masterpiece.

Darling is Gary Harding and James McGuire (as well as extra’s in live shows) and you can find more about them by visiting their nicely formatted, with the exception of the missing link, web site.

Check out this sampling of things to come from Darling and consider a purchase from i-Tunes or Bandcamp.