Nobodaddy – Butterfly

UK folk duo Nobodaddy prove solid in their story-telling skills on Butterfly from their latest (February 2014) long-player, Longing For Flight. The duo (Adam Clark and Mike Wordingham), both accomplished songwriters and musicians in their own right, write wonderful introspective, sometimes dark folk songs. Vocally, the lead is always in front, but there are some great harmonies here too. It’s just that the stories are always in the forefront as they should be in any folk song.

With eight years between their debut long-player, There Must Be Less To Life Than This, released in 2006, Longing For Flight seems like a casual collection, as if the two looked at each other at a gig one day and said, “you know, maybe we should release another long-player, what do you think?” There is no urgency to these tales, no seeming dam of pent-up creativity, just a solid and natural collection of songs.  

You can find more information on Nobodaddy by visiting their web site, which includes a link back to their site as well as all social links. Check out this great folk duo now!