Drake White – It Feels Good

Drake White may be a country singer, but his music is steeped in rock and blues and minus all of the irritating things that the connotation of “Country” brings to mind; most notably, twang!  With just a handful of tracks to his recorded collection to date, Mr. White has nonetheless exhibited a real talent for music-making.  

Released this year (February 2015), the single It Feels Good will have you dancing at your desk, in your car, or while you clean house.  To say that the title is an apt moniker for this song is an understatement, because it does, indeed “Feel Good.” There is no long-player available as yet.

Starting out as many artists do as a singer in his local church choir, Drake White began writing music at age 14. He went to school and became a general contractor until the music finally called his name for good.  We should be thankful!  

You can find more information on Drake White by visiting his nicely formatted website (just missing a good bio).  You can pick up It Feels Good, both as a single or as part of the live 4-song EP by the same name, by clicking on over to iTunes.  Also available there is his earlier (2013) single, The Simple Life.

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