Lake Street Dive – Bad Self Portraits

Lake Street Dive has been making multi-influenced pop music since 2004 when the band formed in Boston.  They have released a handful of highly crafted pop albums since that time.  While Bad Self Portraits is from February 2014 (the title track of the long-player), it is a nice way to announce that the band will be releasing another long-player in February 2016, Side Pony.

Lead vocalist, Rachael Price, polished her vocal chops on Jazz music in the early days of her career, and you can still hear some of that phrasing within the constructs of the band’s pop songs. Tight and natural, the band is pleasing and cohesive with all instruments also taking backup vocal duties. 

Unfortunately, the bio for the band has been stripped out of their web site and also is non-existent, even in rudimentary form, on their Facebook page.  If you are interested in the history of the band, your best bet is the Wikipedia page. You can, however, reach the bands social and purchase links from their web site, or head on over to their site and pick up Bad Self Portraits, or any of the bands available earlier works. 

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