Dropkick – It’s Still Raining

Crazy good melodies, great hooks, fabulous harmonies: Dropkick returns to Vodka with It’s Still Raining from their March 2018 long-player, Longwave. You may remember Vodka’s other reviews of Dropkick, but if not, here’s a look back:

Slowdown – (March 2016)

Style – (November 2013)

Dropkick has a rock sensibility with alt-folk flavor and a pop-rock delivery. Fully capable of delving into retro 70′s style music along with modern influenced pop, they have an easy style that is pleasing and delightfully singable. What’s more, from their earliest days to today, they have consistently delivered on that formula. 

You can find more information on Dropkick by heading up to the band’s website, which has everything you need, including a good concise bio and all purchase and social links. The band is currently touring Europe in support of Longwave, so if you happen to be somewhere they are playing, check them out!

Pick up some delicious Dropkick tunes today!