All Our Exes Live in Texas – Boundary Road

Back in November (2017), Vodka posted the review for When The Sun Comes Up, from the all-woman pop-folk band, All Our Exes Live In Texas, and their long-player When We Fall (March 2017).  I noted then the unfortunate name of the band but heralded the great music that these ladies make. Nothing has changed my opinion. Boundary Road is the fourth single release from that long-player and if anything, adds exclamation marks to that earlier review.

What I always love is melodies with tight harmonies and careful construction. All Our Exes Live In Texas deliver on all counts. The instruments enhance the music and are never overblown. Everything shows attention to the blend. In short, the long-player was well produced and engineered.

What was missing from the original review was a little something about the personnel. All of the women share vocal duties, either lead or harmony throughout. Each of them provides an instrument to the sound; Hannah Crofts, ukulele, Georgia Mooney, mandolin, Elana Stone, accordion, and Katie Wighton, guitar. 

If you are still holding out on a purchase of this great Australian four-piece, the time is now! Head on up to the website for more information. All the social and purchase links are available there.