[dunkelbunt] – Cinnamon Girl

Here at Vodka, [dunkelbunt] has been our latest obsession since discovering the Mountain Jumper (March 2015) long-player late last year. You may recall the review for Egal featuring Alix on December 26. The long-player has been staying on Vodka’s playlist, popping to the top more often than not. There is something compelling and interesting about all of the nuances provided by traditional and electronic instruments. Here is yet another example of that blending from [dunkelbunt]’s Raindrops & Elephants LP (June 2009) in this live in the living room version of Cinnamon Girl (not Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl) from October 2013. 

Why rehash an old video? For two reasons. First, [dunkelbunt]’s music always sounds fresh no matter which year it originated, and Second because we want to plug the Mountain Jumper long-player yet again. No, seriously, we really do!!

If you have as yet to discover [dunkelbunt] there is NO time like the present! Head on up to his website and get to purchasing!!