Freman Dre & The Kitchen Party – Adam & Eve

Note: The original video has gone missing. Here is an audio-only version:

Warning! The video for Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party’s Adam & Eve, from the upcoming long-player Reckless Good Intentions, due out April 2017, is a little bit of soft-porn, 60′s style. The music, however, is like previous Freeman Dre offerings, full of rich blues and gravely good-humored vocals. The Kitchen Party provides expert instrumentation for Freeman’s vocal/lyrical delivery. 

There’s plenty of good old rock and roll available in the ten tracks that will be Reckless Good Intentions, a collection made possible through the generous contributions of fans via crowdfunding. This is the third long-player from this great band and the fourth offering all tolled. Very astute Vodka readers will remember Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party from clear back in September 2012 and the quick review of Went To Town from the then-new long-player, Red Door, Second Floor

If you are still among the uninitiated, you can find more information on Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party by visiting their website. You can purchase CD versions of the band’s music from their CD-Baby link, available from the ‘Discography’ link on the website. You can also purchase digital versions of the band’s music from their site.

Pick up some great, modern, blues rock from a band that is more than deserving. Check out Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party now!